Friday, July 20, 2012

VC_Rocks Hop 3- Hostess Gifts and NonCards

If you just came from Karen's blog you are in the right place for the hop.  Didn't she do a great job?  Be sure and go through all the great ideas everyone has on the blog hop.  If you get lost you can go to the VC Rocks Home.  If you are just starting here that is ok because it goes in a circle.  At the end of my blog is the address for the previous and next blog in the hop.

I can't believe it has been since February since I have posted.  Nothing new has been happening other than I am now in the Rockers since the middle of April.  The theme of this blog hop is Hostess Gifts or something or other.

I have a roomie in the Lighthearted Hotel (hi Kristi) who should stop reading right now if she wants to be surprised with some of roomie gifts.

I went to the dollar store and went crazy last Christmas buying things that I planned to make gifts with.  Needless to say I didn't get to all of them.  I did find some GREAT candle holders, candles, fake candles, mirrors and other stuff.  Don't ask me how much each one cost.  Would you believe people do go in the Dollar Store and ask how much something costs?  Duh!!

Wonderful smelling red candle, round mirror, and darling candle holder each costing $1 each!!

I already had a roll of metal roof flashing I had gotten from my local hardware store.  This cost all of $12 for a roll big enough I can make each of you something out of it.  With this sheeting you have to use scissors you don't plan on using on anything else.  They dull quickly so I just bought some from the Dollar Store (seeing a theme here aren't you).  This flashing can cut you like a knife so be sure to wear your protective gloves.  After you put it through Mr. Big Shot it is not sharp anymore.

I used my brand new out of the Stampin' Up box Snow Flurry Bigz Die which is available in the new 2012 Holiday Catalog.  This goes live next month on August 1 for people who are not demonstrators. 

I found that just using the usual 2 cutting pads was not enough to cut through the flashing.  I had to add 2 pieces of cardstock below the Die.  This made it thick enough to cut all the way through the flashing.

This is what the three pieces on the die look like next to a ruler when they are cut out.

I then decided to try using some beautiful colored metal paper I had.  It worked fantastically with the Barn Red I used.  I am not going to show this since it is what I ended up sending to roomie.

I adhered the snowflakes to the candle holder using glue dots.  I don't think these are going to hold if a real candle is lit.  Instead I am sending one of those battery operated candles.  I got a card of three at the Dollar Store for ...... well you know the rest.

This is what the red candle looked like in the holder with the snowflakes made from flashing.  Pretty snazzy don't you think?  I am going to get something to adhere the snowflakes better and then give them as presents this Christmas.  Bridget (youngest sister) I hope you aren't reading this.

As usual if you are reading this and leave me a message someone will get some blog candy!!  Let me know what you think.

Now you are going to go to my friend Angela's blog with her great Wiener dog Frank.  Tell him woof from Roscoe.

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