Friday, February 17, 2012

SU Stars Stampin' Spaces Blog Hop

I am so excited.  I love looking at other people's stamp spaces.  There are so many ways out there to do things and I am always looking for something better.  My place is the Stamping Tree House named by my BFF Patrice Herrera.  Our house is in the country at the top of a bluff that is covered by trees.  The trees are of various heights and she thought it looked like a tree house.  You can see views of what I see out my windows on one of the first posts on this blog.  Roscoe will not be joining us on this trip. When he saw I was cleaning he said "I am out of here, she might make me clean!!"

When you first walk in my room this is the view (also before I clean it up).  I don't have curtains up on the windows yet (give me a break-- we have only lived here 6 1/2 years--procrastinator).  I plan on making some little valances some day.

First thing you see when walking in the room.

If you notice on the back wall I have a saying.  Some of them are from our Decor Elements.  The instructions say the Decor Elements are for smooth walls.  I have texture on my walls and it worked.  I did have to really work for a bit but it was worth it.

The flower is SU!

Shari you said you were excited to see how other people had their punches.  This is the back of my door and a cabinet.  I have two of these holders for my punches.  The other one is hanging on the door of another closet.  I got them at a garage sale but I have also seen them at a big box store.
Punches on back of door on right and ribbon (non-SU-gasp) on the left. 

The ribbon holder is on the side of a cabinet.  DH and I ordered a couple of these for our bathroom then found out they weren't going to work as well as we would have liked.  Living in CA and trying to design a house without being in the same state is difficult to say the least.  Since we had them special ordered we were stuck with them.  I put them both in my stamping tree house and LOVE them.  However, they were a little too expensive to do this.

The cabinet opened with boxes of cards stored.

DH went in those boxes and got me a card for Valentine's Day.  It was a welcome baby one since he said he couldn't find the one he wanted.  He did write a beautiful letter in it.

The next picture is my closet opened.  A church nursery was throwing away this piece that is in my closet.  It was pretty rickety.  I just put a few boards in the back of it and it is now very sturdy.  I have a variety of things in it.  Very organized!!  DH says it is easy to make.

See the red apron from a Boy's Name Big Box Store?  I used to work there (double gasp).
This next pic is my Big Shot station.  It looks out one of my windows on our woods.  I have seen a doe and her fawn, a fox, some turkeys, and a bobcat out that window although not all at the same time, of course.

Pictures of Bubba (Roscoe's dearly departed big brother) and Roscoe are both on the window.

The next picture is of my island.  It is like a kitchen island but I stand at it to do my stamping.  I have ALWAYS done my stamping standing up so I knew this would be OK.  It has a top that hides a multitude of stains.  The doors open up to reveal my SU stamps in alphabetical order, my adhesive and other stuff drawer (I need a whole drawer for those)  and a pull out drawer for my CS scraps organized by color).  I also have an electrical outlet on it so I can plug in my OTT light and my heat tool.  My SU inks and Stampin' Write Markers are organized by color on the black spinning thingy (technical term) that is on the right top of my cabinet. 

The two top drawers are all current SU stamps.

I originally wasn't going to add a sink but I decided what the heck.  Boy am I glad I did!!  It is so easy to to clean up.  There is the other cabinet.  I opened the bottom so you can see that part.  I store all my gift bags and tissue paper since I make a LOT of presents in the Stamp Tree House.

The next two pics are of my organized stuff.  The first pic is my SU ribbon rolls.  These holders were available in the SU Clearance store this past December and I snatched them up.  The cabinet is two mailbox sorters that I got years and years ago when I first started stamping.  I have all my 8 1/2" X 11" non-SU paper in them.

SU ribbon on top of Iris cabinet that holds a lot of SU stuff.

The material usually covers the paper so it doesn't get dusty or faded.
My last picture is a set of cabinets with a counter.  The counter holds a lot of my non-SU ink pads.  They
are in the cassette holders.  I have an electrical outlet every few feet on the cabinet so I set up different stations for heat embossing when I have classes.  The bottom right cabinet that is opened holds all my current SU paper.  The papers are in SU plastic paper holders according to colors.  I have a list on the inside of the door so I can make a check mark when I am getting low and need more of a color.  I also have a plastic paper holder for my DSP.  On the outside of this is a list of all the current papers and what colors coordinate with them.  The cabinet on the far left holds retired DSP and cardstock colors.  I also have all my Christmas DSP in a plastic paper holder on the left.  The other cabinets hold paperwork, books, catalogs, projects and other stuff.   Hanging on the cabinet knobs are things I use a lot like my punch patterns, and some other knick knacks.

I would love some ideas of things that I can do to make my Stamping Tree House even better.  Thanks for taking the tour with me.  Anytime you are in southeast MO come on by.  Roscoe and I would love to see you.  Next you will go to Denise Foor's stamping studio.  I can't wait to see what she has. 
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