Friday, September 10, 2010

Second Day

This is the second day I am going to be doing this, in a row no less!!  I have been trying to do some research on how to do the blog thing and have seen quite a bit of information.  In other words, my head is spinning with information.  I am trying to get a button (or whatever you call it) to send people to my Stampin' Up web so they can order things, get a copy of the catalog and the Holiday Mini.  Most of the information I am getting off of the Stampin' Connection which is for demonstrators.  Notice as of this time there isn't anything new other than my posting.  To make up for it I will put in a pretty picture.  This is outside my house at the other end from the Stamping Tree House.  Last fall there was an absolute abundance of these flowers, my dh calls them weeds.  I took my camera out one morning when I got home from work.  There is a lot of dew and the sun is just starting to be strong in the east.  I took a bunch of these pictures and thought they would be pretty for background paper.  Who knew I would be using them on my blog.  Have a great day peeps.  I have to go to work tonight and make doggy biscuit money.

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