Monday, November 21, 2011

The Blog Candy Winner and Other Things

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate all of your comments.   There were 29 posts out of over 500 visits.  The winner of my candy was lucky 13.
Anonymous said... Great idea adding a pocket to the step card, I will be doing that - thanks for the idea. Love the simply sent box, very clever and cute! Janice Heighway
Janice please send me your email and snail mail addy.  I know you were a Rocker but I want to be sure your info that is on the Rockers RAK Database is still the same as this summer.  My email is the same so that is where to send the info.
I had a lot of questions about how I did the other projects so I will be posting instructions on how to do those.  Since this week is Thanksgiving I am not sure exactly when I will be posting the answers to all the questions.  Monday is my cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and cleaning the Tree House day.  I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7 PM till 7 AM.  Friday I will recover for a bit from working 3 nights in a row.  Then Saturday and Sunday I have family gatherings at two different  places and two different families.  I am really tired just reading all of this, aren't you?  So just keep looking at my blog for when I post the answers to these questions.  Thanks again for all the looking.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please remember all the things that have blessed your life.
P.S.  I can't figure out why my blog looks like this and can't change it.  Oh well.

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